DNS Error 80710102 | Simple Ways To Solve

dns error 80710102

Before we solve any error, we must be aware of the error. So, I think to fix any problem, and we must know how it was created/pop-up. So to understand and fix DNS error 80710102, have an exact look at each aspect.

What is DNS?

DNS means Domain Name System, which means it is a phonebook of the internet where we get online information through this domain name.


DNS helps us load the online information by changing domain names to IP addresses because our browsers interact through IP addresses. 

How does DNS work?

The work of DNS is to convert hostnames to computer-friendly IP addresses. Each computer on the internet is given an IP address. That address is important to locate the right Internet device – like a street address is used to find a specific home. A translation between user types into their web browser (example.com) and the machine-friendly address needed to locate the example.com webpage must occur when a user wants to load a webpage.

It is important to learn about the different hardware components that a DNS query must pass to understand the DNS resolution process. The DNS lookup occurs “behind the scenes” for the web browser and requires no user computer interaction except the initial request.

What is DNS error 80710102?

Essentially, DNS errors occur when you can’t connect to an IP address, signaling that you may have lost network or internet connectivity. DNS stands for System of Domain Names. It is a computer network that records alphanumeric names for and matches the right numerical IP addresses for every Internet-connected system and every website globally.

A hierarchical tree data structure is a DNS. There are root name servers at the end. Network administrators can delegate a variety of layers and sub-delegate them. An authoritative server in every DNS zone that answers queries only with original dynamic data; non-authoritative servers may only have caches. You can have to analyze at a few different levels whether a DNS mistake happens to explain just what causes the problem and how you can get users back online fast.

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3 Common Causes Of DNS error 80710102

A few common problems can affect user communication regarding network performance and lead to DNS errors. You will want to know how the following variables could influence your clients to troubleshoot DNS problems:

DDOS attack

If you’ve checked your network carefully and don’t feel the difficulties are on your end, it may be a problem with your ISP’s DNS servers.


Make a call to them and let them know. Do not be afraid to be vigilant in following up before the issue is fixed if they confirm a problem with their DNS servers.

This may be the worst-case situation because if your site fails with a sudden influx in traffic, you could be the target of a distributed denial-of-service attack. This is a DNS dilemma in the sense that the servers are overloaded by it. Immediately email your web host to ask for a new IP. Clear your logs and make sure the latest IP suits the latest data.

Time To Live (TTL)

TTL is the date of expiration added to network info. Suppose the authoritative name server for certain DNS data is queried by a caching (recurring) server. In that case, the authoritative name server informs the caching server how long such records are suitable for, usually between a few minutes and a day. The cache server will not ask the authoritative name server for the same information until the TTL expires but will presume that the details are still fine.


You can see how this may influence DNS errors. There will be a wait if the DNS records change, but the TTL is too high since the caching server tries to give users the wrong records until the TTL expires.

DNS latency

Latency refers to the time it takes to send and return requests. They speak of high latency as people complain of “the internet being slow today.” A major part of latency can be DNS problems.

The distance that data has to migrate is simply one significant factor impacting your network speeds. You can still theoretically increase latency by testing if your DNS servers have a centralized or decentralized structure. If your DNS servers are all situated considerably far away from your customers, suggest other providers.

Now, coming on topic how to fix DNS error 80710102.

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How to Fix DNS error 80710102

One of the most common errors recorded by PS3 users is DNS error number 80710102. The two typical approaches you can test to overcome this problem are presented below.

Disable Universal Plug and Play

  • Start the window and enter the key in the address bar of your router IP address. The default IP is 192.168.11 for most routers.
  • Select your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ and press OK to enter your router’s console program.
disable upnp
disable UPnP
  • To access UPnP settings under the password settings, press the ‘Password’ tab.
  • In the UPnP box, click on “Save” and select the ‘Unable” option. Finally, close your PlayStation console and restart it. You must now be in a position to access the internetInternet.

Change DNS Address On PS3

You can change your DNS (not your modem) address to another attribute in your PlayStation by re-configuring your wired or wireless Internet connection. Take the measures listed below to do this.

  • On your PS3, go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Internet Connection Settings. In the Internet Connection Settings, select ‘Yes’ and then ‘Custom.’


ps3 settings DNS error 80710102
ps3 settings


  • Depending upon the type of connection that you have, do one of the following:

Wired: If you have a wired Internet connection, select ‘Auto-Detect’ for the Ethernet Operation Mode.

Wireless Connection To Fix DNS error 80710102

For a wireless connection, select the type of security your wireless router uses (WEP, WPA, or WPA2). After that, enter the password for your network.

 In the IP Address Settings, select ‘Automatic’ and ‘Do Not Set’ for the DHCP hostname. Set your DNS settings to ‘Manual,’ and enter the following pairs of primary and secondary DNS numbers.

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Primary
  • Primary
  • Primary
  • Primary

Set the MTU to ‘Automatic,’ proxy server to ‘Do Not Use,’ and enable the Universal Plug and Play. Lastly, press the ‘X’ button to save the settings, and press it again to test the connection. The DNS error should now be sorted, and the internet should be accessible.


We hope this article has been useful to resolve the DNS error 80710102

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